Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Making A Self Care/Creativity Super Booster!

Somedays take more effort/energy.

Self Care & Self Soothing is something that can get shoved to the bottom of the To Do list. 

Without at least a lil self care, being productive can get challenging...

Decisions, plans, designs, crafting!
Jobs, kids, pets, family, constant cyclical life maintenance...

How do we do it? 

Stay energized? Keep the creative juices flowing... (ew... you were thinking it too, c'mon ;-P)

I think about this daily! With many projects in progress & some still just a brain-storm away. How can I stay on track without burning out? I've teetered on that line... Not fun... 'Time to build a better mousetrap!' <-- in my head this is said in a Sean Connery accent...

To keep things going smooth, it is absolutely paramount that I practice good self care habits EVERYDAY(somedays it's easier than others...)

If your not into yoga or meditation, give a 2 minute zone out/power nap/time out a try. 
Yes, hiding in the restroom at work counts! Close that stall, sit a spell w/eyes closed... Zen!

Of course a good nights sleep, clean eating habits & hygiene are on that list of good self care habits too. 

A sweet Bubble Bath! Then Zzzzzzzs!

Why Not!?! :-D

Now, I could spoon feed you some links on how-to do this for yourself, but you can customize this for YOUR needs by Googling IT! 

:-D YaY Inernets!

Read up on Self Soothing, & Self Care, & find which articles SPEAK TO YOU! 

It's the first step to pro-activity = MAKE YOUR ME HAPPY! And gain back some of that vital creative energy that makes you YOU! 

One step at a time to walk your path, give a lil, give a lil more.... Enjoy you're journey to whatever's next! 

Most importantly, MAKE It Yourself!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gypsy Tent Porch Makeover

Nice weather = wanting to be OUTSIDE!

But there are bugs...

And living in close proximity to others = not a lot of privacy.... :-(

One lovely afternoon while having an icy drink on the porch with my Hubby, it hit us! The layout of furniture seemed so obvious to rearrange, & the big addition would NEED to be a mosquito net!!!

Here's a before-ish pic: after we had put the furniture in place.

One step closer to COZY! And bug free ;-)

I grabbed up all the sheer curtains I had (5), some twine, safety pins, & a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a mosquito net (traditionally for a bed) the kind that will form a box shape when hung.

It's super easy to screw in the hooks it comes with...

I hadn't even finished yet, it was so inviting, I grabbed my drink, & guitar, & began the contemplation process for the rest of the design....

I took this old brassy chandelier that I had rescued from a junk pile ages ago, it was just waiting for a spray paint job, & some lights! And....

BOOM! We ran an extension cord out to the porch, & hung it all from a heavy duty plant hook. The mosquito net has a nifty split in the fabric on the top panel ( like they knew I would need it...)

We un-screwed some of the bulbs to give a more romantic feel at night...

I then added sheer curtains to soften the light that comes thru, & add privacy. 

I used twine tied to a large safety pin to string thru the pockets of the sheers & hung them on the hooks that hold up the netting... 

It's been the favorite place to sit & enjoy summer so far :-)

Stick with stars had to embellish the opening ;-) 

Textures, fabrics, pillows, candles, sticks, rocks, flowers, and some feathers make the perfect bohemian hangout. 

Get Outside & MAKE SOMETHING! 


Lazy Bitch's Three Bean Chili!

Quick, easy, THREE BEAN CHILI!

Get yourself some:

One can medium, one can spicy of Amy's Organic Chili (veg/GF).

Three cans of beans! 
One garbanzo, one kidney, one black!

One jar of SALSA!
My go-to is Green Mountain Gringo Medium, although here I used mild...

Get yourself a big azz bowl!!!

Strain/rinse yer beans.... Put em in d'bowl!

Get the salsa in on that action! 

Mix iiiiiiiiitttttttttt!


Put a lid on it!

It may taste better if a silhouette of a kitteh mystically gazing out a window is in the distance... ;-P

Store in the fridge to provide a protein packed comforty meal on demand!

5-8 servings, depending on how starved you are! 

Nuke it! Add cheese! Add chips! Add KALE! Or your fave salad greens! 


This works great in the Crockpot if you need to feed the many! 

Get it going quick: set on high for 2hrs.
Take it slow: set on low for 6hrs or more.............

Now get your lazy azz in the kitchen and MAKE SOMETHING!!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Picture Wall

Being asked for design help from other creatives is best complement!

When my Makeup Artist friend Liz Washer asked me to help organize a tribute to her family with her boxes of photos, of course I jumped at the opportunity!

It can be a daunting task to go thru all of the pictures to begin with, and that is just the starting point.

There were a few memories to look thru to find the gems that would make up our tribute.

Pick your wall:
Liz already had a hanging collection in her hall just waiting for the family inspired update!

We removed everything but the mirror on the right....  A girls gotta check her lip gloss before she leaves the house or answer the door! It will serve a duel purpose.... You'll see....

 Take yer mighty Magic Eraser & Nail Hole Patch to give yourself a scuff n hole free blank canvas!

Ta Da!

Lay those framed lovelies on the floor to see how the sizes & textures play against eachother.
You can take a messurement of the wall space you are working with to help with the transition from floor to wall.

BOOM! All of those memories, plus that mirror, so Liz can see herself in the grouping, everyday remembering, everyday making memories. <3<3<3


Monday, July 14, 2014

Mission: Bitch, Make It Yourself!

My Mission
in starting this blog is to give rise to all thoughts in the collective craft unconscious, good or bad.... Embrace them all!!!!

Some things are Epic Fails waiting to happen. Some things are Glorious Triumphs aching to be released!!!

You wont know till you try...

Take a chance, place that crafting bet.... Bitch, Make It Yourself!