Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Making A Self Care/Creativity Super Booster!

Somedays take more effort/energy.

Self Care & Self Soothing is something that can get shoved to the bottom of the To Do list. 

Without at least a lil self care, being productive can get challenging...

Decisions, plans, designs, crafting!
Jobs, kids, pets, family, constant cyclical life maintenance...

How do we do it? 

Stay energized? Keep the creative juices flowing... (ew... you were thinking it too, c'mon ;-P)

I think about this daily! With many projects in progress & some still just a brain-storm away. How can I stay on track without burning out? I've teetered on that line... Not fun... 'Time to build a better mousetrap!' <-- in my head this is said in a Sean Connery accent...

To keep things going smooth, it is absolutely paramount that I practice good self care habits EVERYDAY(somedays it's easier than others...)

If your not into yoga or meditation, give a 2 minute zone out/power nap/time out a try. 
Yes, hiding in the restroom at work counts! Close that stall, sit a spell w/eyes closed... Zen!

Of course a good nights sleep, clean eating habits & hygiene are on that list of good self care habits too. 

A sweet Bubble Bath! Then Zzzzzzzs!

Why Not!?! :-D

Now, I could spoon feed you some links on how-to do this for yourself, but you can customize this for YOUR needs by Googling IT! 

:-D YaY Inernets!

Read up on Self Soothing, & Self Care, & find which articles SPEAK TO YOU! 

It's the first step to pro-activity = MAKE YOUR ME HAPPY! And gain back some of that vital creative energy that makes you YOU! 

One step at a time to walk your path, give a lil, give a lil more.... Enjoy you're journey to whatever's next! 

Most importantly, MAKE It Yourself!


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