Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rockin Gift Wrap!

It's Christmas Eve Y'all!

And I'm just finishing up wrapping!

Getting Festive! 

Hard Core!

I got the rock 'n' roll flare

I was riding on this vibe see

A lil Brit-Punk & a bit Van Halen!

Here's how  I did it

Started with a base of red plaid

Then I went mental with lots of tape

Remember last years VHS Tape Ribbons...

Made bows with them!


Holographic Santa 3-D Specs!...

Thanks Amber!


Charli has her ugly sweater on!

Minimal giftwrap.

Just snarky enough for a work party!

Van Halen might be playing in the background!

Making a duct tape bow

Getting loopy

Level one

Level two and it's a blurrrrrrrr

Just like the passage of time before the holidays! 

Level two complete.

A Little Center Loop and you're done!

Typically I think there's usually a third row before the center loop goes in...

But this is Rock n' Roll...


Xmas Eve Yo \m/

Put on some Rock Music!

Get your Gifts Wrapped!

Make It Rock Out! 



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Turn up the subwoofer & Twitter 


Have a great day/holiday/weekend/etc!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Peace! On! Earth!

This Planet 


& I'm spreading that sh!$ as far as I can!

In Xmas Light Style! 

Front Porch! Dig it.

I sat on the floor

Looking for more

Than just a bunch of craft scraps

Charli is helping...

Took ALL the heavy gauge wire 

Made a BIG hoop

Then wrapped it in a finer gauge wire

Three times!

Got some household twigs

Everybody has those


Laid them out to make sure they'll do

Wrapped them in the fine wire

Hey lookit!

An accidental star in the center!

Faux greenery 

Wrapped up with floral wire

Dig it

Dog approved 

Should there be flowers?


Stop for lunch

Get some lights

Dog still helping.

Chop some wire

Attach lights



Hang it high!

Sparkly projection light!



Still want to add one more aspect to the center just under the peace sign... 


Get out yer junky craft scraps!

Make Peace, Not War!



There are cyber corners yet to be discovered: 

Unlock exclusive content! 

Coming Soon: 

Rocker Gift Wrap!

Insert air guitar here! 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Post Thanksgiving Clean Up Inspo!

The Road back to "Normal"

After Thanksgiving

Has been Paved with 

Many loads of Laundry

Dish Washer Runs

Cups of Detox Tea & Healthy Green Smoothies (see instagram)

To get Back on Track

And of course

Re-Imagining Spaces that were "jostled" about during Holiday set up...

See that Bench on the Right...

It used to reside under there

Just hovering over the dogs dishes

That whole area needed to be CLEANED and Organized!!!!


That wee chippy Dresser fit Perfectly!

And the colors!

Next to that Ball Fringe


More Storage

More Clean

More Happy!

Table back in Place with all the Chairs


Next to the newly Imagined Cubby

Makes me want to sit and have some Tea

Mmmmmm... Tea...

Bitches effn Love Tea!

Fun Project on top of a Project

Easy to Make!

I should take this in the Kitchen!

What did we learn from this...

Get your Act Together!

Get your Space/Self Clean & Organized!

Make some Tea to Bask in its Glory!



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& Don't Forget!

It's that Crazy Holiday/End of the Year Time


Happy Holidays

Enjoy your Time(s)

More Projects to come!!!!!!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015: Aftermath Food Coma-Rama!

Time, Time, Time...

Has been in short supply!

So many fun projects in the works! 

I found this "Clear your mind of Can't" on the Pinterest...

Seemed appropriate for the amount of running around that has been happening...


Getting to the Holiday Decorating...

Taking down the Summer Curtains...

Found a moment to steal in the sun... 

Then these guys showed up lol...

Charli Girl says, "So What! Still nice out..."

Point well made.

Later that night, the holiday lights I strung...

Didn't even work...

LOL always test them before ya string em...

In the blink of an eye...


Thanksgiving Morning.

Iced Tea, a Dog and Staying out of the way of Hubby who was cooking up a Storm! 

Explaining to Charli what was going to be happening this thanksgiving...

My Studio...

Has seen a lot of changes this fall...

I think I'm getting closer to making the change-over to Dining Room easier! 

I thought by Tuesday night I'd be this far...


Nah. Think Thanksgiving morning.


Getting there! 

And just a couple of hours before people started arriving X-D

It was a whirlwind...

People came & ate...

& Lingered...

Good Times Had By All!

The Morning After 


Gluten free pumpkin bread from Trader Joes...

& Iced Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be the perfect shirt....

Saw it on Pinterest... 

Of course!

Bunches of Lunches!

How can we even think of food??? 

After all that food!!!!

Open faced sammich of the Turkeys with the Ketchup!!!!!!!!! 

(This Turkey btw, that the Hubby cooked... Amazing! I don't know how he does it, but the meat literally fell off the bone!)

On rye! 

One of those chunky homemade Rye breads... 


Root beer float time! 


From last year...

I can totally get behind this...

I mean, how often do you just have root beer in the house & ice cream?

& letting it go to waste is not an option! lol

We sat.. 

Watched movies...

Kept blankets, pets and potato chips close! 

Best Day After Thanksgiving Evarrrrrrrrr!

The morning after the day after...

Still lounging... (for now)...

Lingering in bed with the buddies...

Getting motivated... 

To do something like clean and organize ;-) 

Looking forward to getting back to our version of normal...

Hopefully your Thanksgiving times were full of... 

Wild amounts of food... 

Friends, relatives, and chaos! 

And enjoy these after moments worth stealing!!!

Grab a blanket...

Grab some leftovers...

Make time to come out of the celebration coma! 



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