Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Six weeks goes by quick when you have a lot to get done!!!

It's been cold

It's been snowy


I love winter!

But spring, by the time it's here...

I want to be READY!!!

I want ALL the inside projects done!

Making my lists while gearing up for more shoveling.

Cutting ALL the Clutter!

Organizing the closets!

Painting a chair, paperwork and office de-clutter...

So much clutter!!!!

I will K.T.D.O!

Keep. Toss. Donate. Organize!

Because the second I see 40 degrees on the forecast, I am out & about!!!

On The Porches!

Front porch before the blizzard last week...

Last summer.... Mmmmm.... Sitting & enjoying, sunshine..... Fresh air....

Back porch after the blizzard, just a dusting makes it on this porch, still nice for sitting.

Last summer! The breakfast on the porch mornings.... *sigh*

Hiking, bike paths, day trips... Eventually SWIMMING!!!!!!! 

For now...

Making the lists of what NEEDS to get done & prepped to make spring happen the second it CAN! 


Basking in the fact that there are no bugs, sticky heat waves, & air conditioners blocking windows...

Taking advantage of the time I have to enjoy cold weather things!

I Make a string of happy memories to wire my brain to expect a repeat of the same to happen next winter... 

I get inspired by Pinterest to beat the Winter Blues!

Taking hot baths


Drinking hot tea or cocoa 




Bundling up in cozy sweaters and blankets, or crafting them...



Mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, boots...


Cold Weather Style


Maxi Dresses & Skirts w/leggings under & jacket or sweater on top...

So many cute accessories!


And if you have plans for the next few weekends.... 

That only leaves a few left before....

Get busy,

Get your last few winter weekends in...

Because you'll want to get ready....


For SPRING!!!!



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