Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bitch, Make Your Own Nail Color!

Spring Time is ALMOST HERE! 

Anytime now, the weather will be getting warmer, & we will be shedding layers!!!

I've already got a new pair of sandals that I can't wait to wear! 

That means I will be getting my summer polish colors ready!

The Toes will be dressed & ready for the view!

And Sometimes...
I find myself getting into the idea of certain colors for Nail Polish & then not being able to find just the right shade in the stores...

That's when that lil voice inside perks up and says... "Bitch... Make It Yourself."

As always, I listen & take to the net for research.

There are tons of tutorials online for mixing your own color! YaY!

Here's what I used to achieve my Rose Gold Nail Polish: 

-An almost empty bottle of Top Coat or Base Coat (works as well, but depending on opacity it can change the results). You can just buy empty bottles to mix your own on Amazon if you don't have any almost gone bottles that you want to sacrifice.

-A fresh bottle of Top Coat to fill up the almost empty bottle with a base to mix the pigment in.
-Eye shadow to use for the pigment.

-A white sheet of paper to mix the shadows on & to use as a funnel to get all that pigment into the bottle!

-A lil implement to scoop out the shadow with & mix it together (no clumps!).

I crushed the shadow up & mixed the pigments with this wee fork.

Funneled some into the half empty bottle by rolling the paper with the pigment on it into a cone shape.

Then I tested the shade on the back of piece of card stock.

When I was satisfied, I put some of the Top Coat in to mix in & stretch out the color a lil.

I shook & rolled it, and so on & on until I felt like it was completely mixed & blended.

Good to go!

Maaaaahvelous!!!!!! ;-)

What if you don't have any "spare" shadows to use on Nail Color crafting?

I take to layering.  I have a sketchbook that I use for swatching things like Nail Colors.

Layer, mix & match, see what you like without having to experiment on yourself.

I try my luck with all sorts of new styles & ideas I find on Pinterest on paper to see if I like it, & to see if my hands are steady enough to achieve them.  

Sometimes I'll have a color in my collection that I never wear only because it's too light/dark/bight/muted.  That will be when I break out my color wheel know-how & mix something else from the collection in.

This Peachy Color Above: 

I took a sheer nude that had a bit of shimmer, but always went on too streaky...

Added a deeper peach color that I thought was too saturated to go with my skin tone...

Mixed a lil, did a Swatch.... A lil more & Pow! 

It's now the perfect thickness, color, tone, etc...

Have I ever ruined a bottle of polish...? Yup.

It wasn't doing me any good just sitting in a drawer getting goopy & old...  

Why not at least try to make it into something usable? 


Make a New Color!

Make Whatever Color You Want!



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