Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Laptop Makeover!

Basically every item that comes into my possession gets a makeover in one way or another...

Time to Make my Laptop Bloom!

This is the Goal ppl, & its Quick n Easy!!!

Regular Plain Laptop, & Stick on Cover from Amazon, there are tons of designs, & styles for all types of laptops...  GO SHOPPING!!!

I chose this one because I'm freakin nuts for EVERYTHING FLORAL right now!!!

The directions... 

I placed my Laptop Face Down on top of the back of the Sticker to trace the dimensions...

Sharp Scissors for the cutting...

Folded the Backing of one of the Short Sides so I could Line Up One Side & then just GO!

Charli Dog is not impressed, as usual... Lining it up like a Boss...

See how its all lined up & all I have to do now is Pull & Smooth!

TaDa! OOOOOOOO...... Pretty.....

Charli looks more impressed now that its done..... ;-)

Ready to get straight into some serious Pinning, I mean Computing.... ;-D

Fun Decals for your Computing Life!

Easy on, Easy off, $5-$20 and it will protect the surface a bit....

Some sites have an upload your own design option too....

May have to try that next!!! 

Make it your own,

Make it Fun,



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