Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bitch, Make Your Own Wedding: Boutonnières!

Boutonnieres People.

Weddings, Prom, Mother's Day, or You just think you Kick Azz! 

Here's how I did it.

This is just one of the MANY designs that can inspire...

Head over to Pinterest to see what catches your eye...

Well, as you can see here I've got my Craftynesses together: 

Flers, Coffee, Pad for Tunes of Inspo, Bins o' Things like Feathers, String, Beads, etc... 
Love that watermark... 
I'm not good at that... yet! 
When I even remember to do it! lol

Here's where sh*# gets real:

- ONE TINY ROSE "spray rose" ($8.98/bunch @ local grocery)
- ONE SPRIG OF BABIES BREATH ($2.99/bunch @ local grocery)
*** $11.97 total spent on whole vase of bud-ness!***

One Feather is that rustic-y Brown, the other White for contrast against the lapel.

Chop that Feather till it is the desired length!

Take yer handy hands & start sizing up your elements to see what needs trimming back...

Lay em all out together to see how they look as an arrangement.

Loosely hold on as you fine tune it. 

Tiny bit o' wire...

Twist it 'round to stabilize - takes less floral tape to secure this way which will reduce the bulk...

Wrap your Floral Tape around one time to start...

If this is your first time working with floral tape, note that if you stretch it gently it becomes stickier. ;-)

Place your Safety Pin against the arrangement - Clasp Side Inward - and wrap it twice with the Tape.

Time For TWINE!

Place the Twine at the Base & wind both sides up so you can tie it towards the start of your arrangement.

If you're not into Twine, use ribbon, lace, burlap, fabric scraps, your imagination! :-D

See! Boom!

Took me 10mins.
For just one...
If you are Making many....
Get your Friends and Fam into it!!!

Rustic, Bohemian, Cute as a Boutonn... 


I Made them for all the men at the Ceremony, whether they liked it or not! lol
These are just a few examples ;-)

Could be a fun thing to wear everyday... 
Just sayin'...

Mother's Day is coming... Make a bunch for yer Matriarchs!

Get over to the Pinterest and get inspired!

Fabric or Paper Flower Corsages...


Rock On! See how pretty I am... I mean, the Boutonniere is... ;-)

Make a trip to the Market,

Make some Boutonnieres,



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Did I miss any? :-o lol

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gypsy Porch Makeover 2015

You know I love my Porches!

And the Spring Fever has a Strong Hold on me...

I had no choice but to kick it into high gear & get our back porch ready for the warmer weather!


Here's what it looks like... just about finished...

Last years incarnation...

This was before it became the Gypsy Tent.

Earlier this month I started to clean the winter dust away & wash all the fabrics.
I did not care that it was only 40 degrees, I was going to have my breakfast out on the Gypsy Porch!

I stripped it down & sketched out an arrangement to make a sectional type of bench arrangement.

A cushion from Home Goods for the trunk turned bench.
Covered with fabric, then a fringed blanket, then a fake sheepskin rug from Ikea.
Layering is key if you are doing the Gypsy Bohemian thing ;-)

Luckily the trunk with cushion comes up to the same height as the ottoman next to it...
I sort of eyeballed it, in my kamikaze way...

Mr Mars approves.

The Outdoor Rug is from Ocean State Job Lots.
It slides around a little, but that will be an easy fix with a rug pad or carpet tape.

We have the arrangement, the lighting, the cushions, & pillow covers.
We even have the rug...
One thing is still missing...
In that corner...
My idea was a plant stand, narrow, tall, & sturdy...

Good thing the next day was the opening day for the flea market,

Lucky Find! Three levels, made of Brass, & just the right size!

Incense, Himalayan Salt Tea Light, Some White Sage Tips for Clearing the Energy, & a tiny Brass Acorn & Amethyst Crystal.

ONLY GOOD VIBES allowed in this Gypsy Tent!

I placed one of my tiny stools in the space as well to give a place to rest your tea :-)

At the far end of the Porch I needed a Mantra to ensure that ONLY GOOD VIBES exist on this porch. The Feather concept, easy, I have been obsessed for a while...

I sketched it while on the porch, then thought about what it meant...

I remembered the song "Like a Feather" by Nikka Costa.
The lyric "And when I set it free like a feather it will be", so... "Set it Free".

Feels more compassionate than Let it Go... ;-)

To help Set it Free...
First try making Sangria... Went over well, thank you Pinterest!

I love how packed our fridge looks! We love beverages!!!

Many moments will be stolen on this porch during the good weather this year, I can promise you that!

Make your outdoor seating happen,

Make it a GOOD VIBES ONLY area!

Relax, Set it Free!

Most important... MAKE SOMETHING!!!


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bitch, Make Your Own Wedding: Dressing The Groom!

Last Year on this very day I Married the Love of My Life.

While Planning our Rustic Bohemian Micro Budgeted Wedding we had to Trouble Shoot His Outfit.

Here's how we did it!!!

I took to Pinterest, of Course!

We also used our inspo pics to help guide our guests to understand how casual "casual" attire was in our eyes. 

It was fun thinking that everyone could feel a part of the theme this way with a good visual guide.

Our Ceremony Location, very Rustic, helped us imagine our outfits with the chosen backdrop.

As we got closer, the forecast definitely focused the level of layers that we would need to be comfy during the Ceremony.

Making a Picture Sketch really helped!

Each change up in the combos documented & logged!

We went thru and swiped back and forth for what we thought looked nicest with our theme & suited his body type best.

Our Charli Dog helped too, lol.

We helped our friend Scott who would be our officiant get his outfit together too. YaY Rustic Bohemian!

I gave him a spiff up a few days prior!

Then back to Pinterest for the boutonniere... 

Feathers n stuff! Hubba Hubba!!!

So I Made Some! awwwwww.... Click here to see how I did it!

JUST MARRIED!!! Charli our Flower Girl!

So Excited then, so excited now!

One Year Ago...

Time flies

& I'd do it all over again!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Make your way onto Pinterest,

Make your man Try On Some Clothes,

Make a Picture Sketch!!!



Staying within our Micro Budget was not difficult, it just took more planning ;-)
Both of our outfits were completed with under $200 spent!

HI-5! <3

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Breakfast on the Gypsy Porch!


I'm feeling a bit cheeky today so bare with me here...

Spring is just getting going & my Gypsy Porch is calling!!!

First Brekkie on the Porch of the Year! YaY!

Not the warmest day, can still see my breath. Despite that, Friends, I am Hard Core!

Brought out the Incense, Candle, Tea, & now my fave thing... Pumpkin Pie w/Whipped Cream & Maple Syrup for Breakfast.  Yassssssss!

The pets were out with me, you may detect a few paws here & there...
They were psyched!!!

Borrowed my Hubby's Face Mug.

What else would you drink from when you feel Cheeky.... ;-)


There are a ton of projects waiting in the wings this week! 

There's this old Blender Glass Lamp Project....

And what on Earth? Fuchsia Fabric Dye...?!?!?!?!?

I've been working on some Spring Jacket DIY Ideas...

Love a good furry collar!

The unfinished Dream Catcher/Mobiles are Calling to me as well...

Stay Cheeky My Friends!

And don't forget to MAKE SOMETHING!!!!


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