Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stealing Moments: Finding Opportunities For Self Care

Self Care Bitches!

Its not just for Gurus anymore!

Sure you do the Yoga/Meditation/Vitamins/Therapy of ALL kinds, etc...

There's still a Layer Underneath....

And you don't need a ton of $$$ to achieve it!


Once you start, you'll find you can't stop.

Like a Practical Gratitude List...

You will start spotting the opportunities for moments to relish in & encouraging them to happen!

A great jumping off point: FOOD!

(its cookout season! salmon burgers, turkey burgers, regular burgers, pineapple/bacon chicken sausage - throw some sesame/ginger dressing or dill Havarti cheese on 'em that was a first for me! *instagram*)

You were going to eat anyway, right...

Don't hold back, even if you're not a Gourmet...

Get over to Pinterest, find a few Ideas, copy 'em or steal from them!

If they don't look as pretty, who cares! They'll still taste AWESOME!!!

Try one new thing, even if its not too big of a shift from what you usually do...

Try one & more will follow!  

(of course I should be inside finishing up the office project x-p... but its so nice out! we really need some rain so I will have to stay indoors, make another red wine spritzer & put one of my stories on the ipad lol... hunker down & finish up ;-)

You have a break or its the end of a long day, a cocktail or mocktail will be just the ticket!
(when you don't/can't/won't have booze, a mocktail still feels special! for real)

You've had all the hydrating water you need in a day during your work hours, treat yourself with the perfect punctuation to all of your efforts! 


Take those couple of minutes to conjure up an Iced Tea, or Juice/Seltzer mix, throw in some Fresh Fruit... maybe some Wine, or a hint of something stronger (if you require extra help to mellow out).

Find a comfy place to sit & DECOMPRESS!

Leave work at work, get back to you & yours.

Nurture it! Steal That Moment!


The Kitteh & Doggeh know how to just be. Watch n Learn...

(gypsy tent pics from my instagram)

This is one of my Faves!

Enjoy a meal somewhere pretty!

I didn't always have such a nice view, there were times, at certain jobs, where stealing a moment was really hard. I would sometimes take my lunch out to the car, just to escape for a few.  I would try to park so that my view was nice, or I would purposely keep my car super clean, inviting, or even put something on the dash or have an air freshener (sometimes a box of incense can make your car smell lovely & you never need to open it! ;-) to remind me of something relaxing...

Rock Salt Tea-lite Holder & Incense, I need these in every room, its the power of suggestion for some, its more for others... MAKE YOURSELF FEEL PAMPERED!!!! Do it! 

Keep that busy sched! Forget makin time to go to the spa! 

Bitch, Make It Yourself! xoxo

Don't Forget the Sunshine!

Even if you think you don't need to have Direct Sun Exposure, think again!
(read the article in the link it will give you whats up with the good & the bad ;-)

10-15 mins of sun on your skin 3-5 days a week, there are so many ways that this helps physically, mentally, & you feel ridiculously indulgent while you do it!

This is the Stolen Moment that I get the most "Must Be Nice" comments from ppl.

& Yes, it is Nice!

The Self Care Benefits are EVEN NICER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take your Break outside, walk round, sit in the grass/stoop/steps/curb, or just lean against a wall for 10.

The vit D absorbed thru the tissues of your eyes alone has a huge bene to it so don't deprive yourself!

Yeah, I said it, your not taking advantage of something that's friggin for free!

No Brainer, Why the heck not!


I've not had much luck in the past with plants, besides helping them die :-(

In this past year, getting my true creative pants on one leg at a time, I fig'd I think I can do this!

Finding my own balance with Self Care has helped me balance out the care for other things...

There's no more panic of too much water, not enough water, when did I water it last!?

I'm less self absorbed, because I know I have me covered, so I have the patience to learn how to nurture other things with out thinking about being OVERWHELMED.

Do Not Forget, Compassion is a Perfect Circle! You are in there too!

Have Compassion for Yourself, You will have Compassion for Others :-D

Watermelon snack! Its not a picnic or bbq with friends, but the nights are warm & the fruit is there, so yeah, it is happening!

Stolen Moment ;-)

These Moonshine Cherries are amazing!

I can't stand them & I love them at the same time!

If you've never had Moonshine, its like drinking rubbing alcohol but with a much nicer flavor...?


And I don't recommend filling a glass with these, unless you have a huge tolerance for imbibing!

I put a few in a Mocktail (fruit juice & seltzer) and it looks special,
& knowing that I will have to basically Dare myself to chew one & love/hate it the whole time its happening...

I'm such a lightweight!!!

To Sum Up:

Make a point to find lil special moments to steal for your own as often as possible,
(its not about all or nothing, its about often enough ;-)

Make note when you've started to do it unconsciously,



I'll add more posts about Self Care later, K. I gotta go steal some moments!

Find more inspo on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya!

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