Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Indi Fourth of July: Fringed Scarf from a T-Shirt!

4th of July is coming!


Here we go!

One Fringed Scarf Comin Up!

Found a Flag T-Shirt at the Walmart...

It was a Baaaaaaahgan! 

Gots ma Scissaaaaahs! Cut, Cut, Cut!

Chop the Sleeves and neckline right out!!! Both sides & Everything!!!

Now Cut off that Bottom Hem & Round out the Corners!!!


Careful now... Here's the Trick. Diagonal cut across the Front Only!

See where I'm headed...

Lookit! Crazy Wonky Wonderful length of T-Shirt Undone!

What now? Fringe!!!!!!!!!!!

Target those Wonky Shapes n Curves & Cut, Cut, Cut!!!

Almost a full 1/2 inch wide...

Continue Cutting!

And Cutting!!!

Totally Fringe-Tastic!!!

Now Pull n Tug on all those lil Fringies till they're all stringy ;-)

They get all Rolled & Tassel like :-)

How do you know when you've pulled to hard...

they break... s'ok tho... it's not noticeable at all!


Soft Fringe & Stars & Stripes!

Tie the Edges together to Make an Infinity Loop...

Loopy Goodness!

Or just Throw it 'round your shoulders!

Yeah. I'm Ready for Independence Day! BBQs, Picnics, Fireworks, Here I come!!!

I found Lots of Inspiration on the Pinterest for this project...

Make your way to the Walmart,

Make a lot of Cutty Cuts!



Y'know, if yer ever on the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter...  ;-)

<3 <3 <3

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