Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Entryway Redo! Store ALL the Things!!!

This is a total Throwback!

Before the Blog...

I tried my hand at documenting all the DIY projects I'd do...

& here's one of my Faves!

Our Entryway Nook!

Practical Storage! YaY!!!


An Entryway, in need of Storage!

A Storage Piece in need of a Home! (from The Trading Post)

If you find yourself lost in the process...

Looking for what your Entryway Nook needs...

Head to Pinterest, Learn & get Inspired from what others have done...

Whenever I find a good Organization Idea, I 'Pin' it!

A Couple Coats of Paint! Yum!

Testing, 1...2... Took a door away from the right hand side, moved the mirror, & sized things up!

Yes! Project done! In one afternoon! And all those shoes fit in that Cabinet!

Using a newly Painted Piece so quickly is technically tricky...

Take into consideration the temp & humidity of the room you painted it in, & what finish the paint is. The glossier the finish the longer it will take to dry... Flat or chalk finish is super fast, glossy takes the longest... I put a fabric buffer down before placing items on top of a freshly painted piece. It can sometimes take months for a piece to completely cure... Take Heed! 

I'm a Lunatic, so I use painted pieces as soon as possible ;-)

Neat & Cozy... at Xmas time...


(lil blue storage piece from The Trading Post as well)


And Fall...

You can see a tiny bit of the Bats that trickled down from the Bat Wall
in last years Glam Witches Lair Halloween theme... ;-D

That Star is now part of my Flower Wall in my Studio...

I'm feeling a lil itch to redo this space again... but...

I've promised myself that I will finish our Office before doing anything else!

Lol no, really, I will Finish it! :-D  Fingers Crosed....

Redo ALL the Things!!!!

Get Your Clutter Out of the Way!

Get a lil Storage Organizer!

Make Your Nook Neat!



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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gold Rush! Very Metal Decor! \m/

Total obsession!


All shades rose, yellow, white....  I want to put it everywhere!!!

My Pinterest board has been growing for over a year now!

Love how it pairs with White...

And Black & White! 

Over last summer I ransacked the house and found things to give the Midas touch to...

Push Pins & Tacks to help with my desky makeovers (the bane of my existance...)

Our office is still (a mess) work in progress ;-D

This will get us outta that rut! ;-)

Awwww... I miss my painting station...

The Console above became our Drink Cart, & that part of our porch is now very lounge-tastic!

Quack, quack.

Shell is now a wee candle holder...

A lil no-tape fade action on that ceramic pot...


And the Fridge Magnets! 

I experimented with keeping some white...




A studded fridge look! 


These Vases are just dying for some flowers, feathers, twigs, Painted Twigs, or even PENS!!!

Flora in the real & faux...

Holder of the mighty incense. 

This tray is having a serious moment in our lav. 

Paper Flower & Feathers...

Ye olde paint box. Painted & Pretty, in the corner of my Studio. :-)

See how plain these objects were before....  


If you're not into spray painting every other thing you own to scratch a design itch... 

Target, IKEA, TJ MAXX, etc.... 

These lil dishes do the trick! 

Thanks TJ MAXX! :-D

Or if you do crave that Slightly Metallic...  Sweet Aromatic Perfume...

Of Spray Painting Everything in Sight...

And you don't want to change your current possessions...

Get yourself to the Good Will, Salvation Army, Hospice Shop, Survival Center...

Flea Market, Tag/Garage/Boot Sale...  Friend/Family's Basement...  Craigslist- CURB ALERT!!!

Find some objects to Slap some Gold on!

And if Home Accessories aren't fully scratching that itch...

Nails Anyone! :-) Rose Gold... Mmmm...

Make your own... Mmmmm.... :-D

Get out your old stuff!

Get out the Spray Paint! 

Make things Interesting!



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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rainy Day Breakfast in Bed!

Waking up to Dark & Dreary!

Not what I expected, but ok...

Its Blog Day! 

^ So dark...

Even after trying to edit in some light....  Still dark lol!

Maybe if Charli Girl & I go out on the Gypsy Porch & have Coffee it will brighten up...

(fresh fruit, berries, walnuts, gluten free blueberry oat muffin top, coffee, water, supplements! Self-Care Bitches!!! Plus Hello. Yum!)

And, when Outdoor Projects can't happen...

Have Breakfast in Bed!

I have some Serious R & D to do!

Via Pinterest!

Our Porches in the front need their Details tweaked!

And this is a good time to do it! ALL of the Outdoor Entertaining Stuff is going on SALE!

Aug 1st is Retailers Fall/Back to School Merch Release, & they have to Make the room for it!

I've gotten a good start on things... 

99% of the Plants are STILL ALIVE! 

Yisssss! Personal Victory!

I love my Porches! 

When I'm done planning my Porch-Fix List....

Another Great Rainy Day Activity!

Go thru the collection of pics of our Epic Road Trip!

I think a Slideshow is def in order!!!

There were so many moments to process!

People, Places, Things! WoW!

And there was Honey Wine!

We Tried this for the first time this weekend...

A nice toast to end our Vacation, very smooth, very sweet...

Fun Ice Cube courtesy of Hubby, nice surprise.

The bottle was more than enough reason to try it...


I'm such a sucker for a cool bottle!

A Nice After-Project glass of this on the Porch may be just the ticket this eve...

My official last day of Vacation, *sigh*...

Making Brekkie,

Making Porch Plans,

Making Memories!



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Tuesday, July 7, 2015