Saturday, February 20, 2016

Settle Down Now!

Oh my gosh! We did it!

We Bought a House!

Let the Chaos Begin!

The Porch

Like a puzzle 

I see shapes & angles

Making Rooms = My Fave!

My Studio

The Sitting Room 

Woodstove mmmmmmm... Toasty!

TV Room

A Nook with a Vignette, Cozy Couch, Game Day Food!

Today marks 4 weeks in...

We are very close to being back to our regular routines. 

We have had a few Moments to Steal...

& took advantage of Every Second!

Heading to IKEA this weekend to grab some Odds and Ends to finish settling in! 

The Kitchen, Bathrooms and Pantry should benefit most from our Pilgrimage.

I promise not to buy any more Pillows... 


Make some Brekkie...

Make a plan...

Make some Rooms!



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Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Years Bitches! Gratitude Time!


Its almost Valentine's Day!

I better get to my New Years Gratitude Post!


There were so many priceless Stolen Moments!

Maple Sugar House Brekkies! Yassssssssssss!



Food & Drink!

And Snacks!!!!!!

Cozy Living Room with the Layers of Layers of Fabrics & Pets!

Drink Cart! Container Gardening! Rockin Rocker, & Peace Sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIY Boutonnieres, Storage Unit Fun, Rose Quartz Nails, & Bloggin in the Studio.  

Projects! New Knobs (always), Meditation to go! That Office grrrrr... & Smiley Fall Deco Helpers!

The Ultimate #StealYourMoments Food, Bed, R&D, Pets! Need More of THIS!

Finding new combos for the linens!

Need More Pillows!

Front Porch Moments! 


Studio! Blog! Taxes! Pets! COFFEE!!!

Chalkboard Wallllllllllllllllll! & all its incarnations.... & Bear Sox. . . .

HATS! Why not...?

Rainbow Hair! Why pick one color when they are all so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Especially MerMaid!!!!!

The Day Off Outfits! Flea Markets, Errands, Projects, & Walkin the Dog! 

Arm Parties, Docs, Denim Moto Jacket!


And Faux Fur... Can't get enough....

Just sittin round drinkin Coffee.

That Faux is so...

I had a lot of Great Moments Last Year!


This Years Projects are off to a Great Start!

A Home in the Woods!

All the Woodsy Goodness!

Cheers to all!

Hope 2016 is Treating you well so far!

Get Your Dream ON!

Steal Some Moments!

Make Some Plans!

Get Ready...



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*more strength, more thoughtfulness, more inspiration to All!!!*