Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My March Madness


Madness I tell you!

And it has nothing to do with Basket Ball...

We are 7 weeks in to living in our new home!

So Many Discoveries are being made & are yet to be made!

My Peaceful Space

In the Attic Nook...

Still in Progress...

Where I can sit & process all of my processes...

The Cat chooses other spaces...


And sits he does...

Finally hanging the Mirror Menagerie...

And the TableScapes in the Studio...

Tackling the teeniest of details!


Large Plates!

Hide all the crannies!!!!!!

Wood Cuts from our Wedding Tablescapes, & Plate Wall!

I set them out on the table to judge the arrangement & size everything up...

Quirky and Rustic!

Next to hang ALL the Mirrors!!!

And there are visions in the woods!

Sounds in the wind!

Textures in Every Direction!!!

Queen Tree!

Walking and Staring into Space is now my fave!

Sometimes you find pretty things...

And Sometimes you find things to take care of...

Sinking in some stones...

I keep finding fab slabs of rock on the property!

Drawing up Plans & Making the Lists of Needs!

Lets Landscape!

Balancing this all out with at least the thoughts of spending a day in Deep Couch City!

My Creative Energy is Surging!

Got to keep it goin!

Make some Spaces!

Make some Discoveries!



Go find out what I'm up to today! 

What are you doing?