Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Keys To Happiness!

The keys to happiness?

Is it...

Having many projects...?

Closet organizing...

Unpacking the office...

Addressing the landscaping issues...

Getting rid of the holly bush!

With a little help from a friend!!!

The branch bank?

Which was a lot larger than I expected...

Charlie rolling in the dirt...

And sunning herself...

Finding uses for the branches?

Porch breaks stealing moments with the dog?

The view of the full moon from the bedroom...

Iced coffee on the porch...

Finding even more projects/things to make with branches...!?!?

Maybe it's really all about keys???

Twine & a branch! 

Tie it all up!

Key ring! 






Still so many left!

All of these things add up 

To a great recipe for happiness :-D

Now to decide where to hang them!

Follow your bliss,

Steal Some Moments,

Find some Happy!



Friday, April 8, 2016

Life Before Pinterest

Before Pinterest was Born in 2010

How did we organize our Likes & Inspirations?
How Clean and Lovely & Easy to Scroll Through :-D

This was it! 

The year was 1992 

I was busy!

With ALL the Old Magazines

Some Scissors & Rubber Cement!

(I was so adorably inspired! Maiden Name, Sarcasm  & all ;-)

Dream Gardens!

Dream Flatware (I have them now✔️)

Using a Branch for a Curtain Rod! 

From the Olde Apartment ✔️

House Ideas!

Inside & Out 

I did eventually move up to 3 Ringed Binders & Plastic Sleeves...

I had maybe 5 of them... 

They have all been Taken Apart and Recycled :-)

I Now collect ALL the Inspo at an Alarming Rate!

Thank You Pinterest!!!


I think I will keep the old Gluey Inspo Books...

I mean, Vol 1 has UNICORNS drawn on it!

Hello! X-P :-D

Gather some Inspo!




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