Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bitch, Make Your Own Yard!

What the Heck!

What have we been up to...???

Makin a Yard!

Bought a House!  ✔️

See that big holly bush at the side of the house...

& Charli Girl! She loves havin a yard, so we kinda had to Make one!

Get it Gone!

As soon as the ground was soft enough!

Chopped it & Dug out all the Stumps!

OY! Stumps!!!

Take stock of whatever this branch-fest is doing ✔️

Find somewhere else for them to be!


We tossed them in the back yard where we could still get at them for burnin or craftin!

Bask with Coffee!

And a fire pit using some of those branches ;-D

Use a branch or two for the decorating!


Discover that you have about 2,000 square feet of open space under all that mess! 


Let's re-cap a lil...

Awwww... Holly Bush.

Awwwwww yeah... No holly bush! 

Oh YEAH...

The basketball hoop...

We don't have time to figure out how to get all of those rusty bolts apart to take the backboard down...




Gathered some Friends n Family! 


Get some food!!!


We Get Some Rest!

We make some crazy goals around here!

13 weeks of:

Stump Digging
Poison Ivy Killing
Branch Moving
Sapling Pulling... 

Ahhh... rest...

And daydream about Unicorns & how to become one ;-D

From Brit&Co.^^

Get an Overgrown Yard!

Reclaim some Space! 

Get out some Shovels!

Remove some Stumps!

Make that Yard Yours Bitch!



Look for us on the social webs... ;-)