Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Whatchu Up To?!? NESTING!!!

Nesting Fest 2016!!!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

We bought a house...

Six months of settling in later....


Tools for Landscaping!!!

(Ocean State Job Lots FTW ppl! More bang for your buck - especially with the grass seed!!!)

Before & After - Grass!!!

The seed has no additional properties to it like hormones/fertilizer etc...

I laid it out super thick and watered it for 15mins the first day, then 5mins a day for a couple of days after... 

We're in a drought right now and I did keep my eyes on the rain forecast so I could allow Mother Nature to help ;-)

Back yard

I have not seeded the back yard as much to conserve water ;-) 

Finding out how deep our well is is not on the list of to dos...

But looking at new faucets is! ✔️✔️

Kitchen and Bathroom!!!


We're figuring out what works where, and how to streamline our coffee making area... Must Have Coffee!!!!

I thought I had a pic of the Bathroom...

Where's the pic of the bathroom?!?!?



Doggy Tipi & Sitting Room Nook...

Storage & Cozy Spaces!!!

Charli LOVES IT!


Aka: the catch-all room!

Small upgrades like a lampshade ✔️ 

Baby Steps!

At least I think I know where everything is...

Places to Relax Yessssssssss!

Bitches Corollary #5:

If you push the limits with a lot of projects, you NEED to supply yourself with soft places to Lounge!!! 

Now I've got to go relax...

*because editing all these pics on our teeny tiny little DSL Internet package just took me five days & my brain has melted & run out of my ears & my ADHD is a big fat monster probably taller than my house & I have to go soothe my soul & someday (three) years from now when we have regular broadband Internet I'll be blogging every two seconds until then I can go take a break and I will try my hardest to constantly edit photos so when I do do a blog it doesn't take me two weeks to do it oh my gosh & thank you xoxo*


Make your Dreams come true...

Make sure you Work hard for it...

Make Soft Relaxing Spaces...



Collect my friendship on all the social media! 

Bitches GO!