Monday, August 20, 2018

Days in the Life: It Rained for a Month

it is morning
i am typing
trying also to fig out 
the nuance of wifi transfer vid apps

while eating ma brekkie

the electronics
all of them
and the pumpernickel bagel

that is this morning

lets look at some of the other mornings 

local doh nut shop

had all the gluten frees

have set up the webs

in a wine glass

because coffee

got another corner of the kitchen floor done

its only been going on a year and a hafffff

i have goals

the display of mushes
is full on bc of a month of rain

all the fuzzy glorys

even the absolutely teeny tinys are perfectly perfect

they are just amazing

and the rag weed is out

sniffle sniffle sneeze

sweet ferns are in abundance

they're pretty & we will let them be

and hopefully they will spread

rhododendron is putting on growth 
& sending out a bloom 

when it wasn't pouring down
it was so hot it made the plastic urns 
go all bendy


this was a breaking point for me

i snapped

i vowed to go in the house

get washed up and just say 

go ahead stupid weather 

wreck what you can 

im not making anything else

until you calm the F down

so i went inside

washed ma hair

put on some clean
not working outside clothes

omg how long had it been since i had done that

besides for work

and we went to Target!!!


we needed a few things and just took our time


they will let you out of the store 

if you don't spend $200


just so you know

I had my Hamlet leggins on with
my grandpa sweater
and my lil studdy back pack 

annnnnnd of course


back at the ranch

the cat has decided to campaign 
for his own instagram

i give it one more week before he gets sick of posing


we had an eat like a child day

whole wheat bun
turkey hot dog
broccoli tots

it was freaking delicious

while having an entire month of rain and storms

you have to have one power outage


thats where all of those battery operated candles come in

thank goodness i collect them


thats it for this days in the life post
to sum up

it rained for a whole month
we now live in a jungle and i had clean hair
that stayed clean for more than a sec


i need to go 
hunt for cords
 to link the cam i just made a video on

fingers crossed that i make it out of our office jungle alive

I've already looked where i thought it would be

organized chaos

to get


i will do something fun

i suggest you do the same
wherever you are
i see you
i will see you next time
until then 
hunt for more 
fun details 
on the social medias
and like
and share
and follow
and tell all your friends
sharing is caring
luvs from the fox hill house

Thursday, July 12, 2018


oh haiiiiii!

we have been busy

I have no idea where 

the whole month of june went!

heres some stuff that 

went on




potting bench!

video on the vlog


I forgot the ramshackle shed looked like that!

I am crafting a better tool corral 

I will master the pile of useful things!

it almost looks intentional!

we built a new fire pit!

we built a lamp post planter!

I ate a popsicle!


in the sun!

the astilbe bloomed like crazy!

trying to set up a climbing rose situation

thanks to nantucket 

for the inspo!

the gifted smoke bush

it survived being in shock from its move

the leaves are poking through all over

and doubling in size by the day!


refining our lighting for night time yard fun


while I can sneak it in

paint paint paint!!!

one coat down 

trim caulk and second coat to go!

did someone mention PAINT

saving a couple of bucks for now

bronze & black knobs!


starting to explore the other half

of our property

& things are getting interesting!

early may!

last year to now!

not everything survived to thrive


some new things popped up

that I wasn't aware were there


and I promise that I won't let the time pass so long

and far between post next time



bye for now

check out The Worlds Worst Garden Vlog through my YouTube

may your days be filled with 

making things and ease of passage 

from one endeavor to

the next!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Merry Month of May: Bitch, Make Your Own Yard 2018 edition

oh mah gawd

I have been trying to blog for weeks now

theres a new to me typey box

still limping through getting my pics from one source

to another


to reduce the stress 

Ive been keeping myself busy

look how many daffs came up

we did not plant these

they are just showin up

fine by me

the flowering trees were having a party

and the grass is coming back

got some cool stuff 


plant babies

made some lemonade out of this spruce

the winter beat it up 

so i trimmed it into a mini version of our 

super large eastern white pine

with accompaniment 

give yer plants friends

there are bouquets 

growing on the side of our northern slope

love it

finally made it back out to that big pine

and the back is all 

well lets just say 


got a good deal on two more window boxes

so I took hanging baskets

already put together from the super market

and added vinca vine on the ends

boom done

took an hour

pre window box

this north corner of the house is being remade

tidied up

pulled all the bittersweet

15 bags of marble chips

I mention this madness in the youtube

this wee area is getting its makeover for the year

lights were wonky

new window box 

there will be added stones for the walk

saw this lil guy at the bird feeder last week

saw this big guy at the bird feeder last week

all it took was one slam of the screen door 

and he was all NOPE

disappeared thru the curtain of pine saplings


no sound

like he was made of silk

one lady slipper coming up

this is what the garden looked like 

at the beginning of the month

and right here would be where the pic from today would be

but of course I have tried several ways of importing 

and it is not happening

enter the depths of despair now


went rock hunting yesterday

& if I take pics now

maybe in a few weeks I can post them

youtube seems easier
raw footage
tap the upload
go live your life
get back to being creative
go find me on the social media
you can see fresh pix there
I need coffee