Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fall 2019: Season of Math

Hey 3 followers 

3 musketeers 

Here’s 1 new blog

I have very little hope that our slow internet will 
Actually let me get this done... 

Gloom n doom 

Yadda yadda 

here I sit, although today it’s raining 

There’s Charli Girl... 

Here’s Kit he is 1 sassy cat

Now here’s me...

No picture...

Just 1 person 

Counting my spoons (maybe 3)

Do you know that invisible illness analogy?

It’s a good 1

I was looking back at some of my old fall blogs...

Wow I had so much fun and energy...

Dare I say it was spritely ???

Do y’all have a favorite 1?

Well, I’m not sure what’s happening this year...

This 1 year

It’s almost next year 

Maybe by this time next year...

I’ve had a number of days

And a fair number of happenings 

That have taxed me in 2 ways

And I would say 3...

1: mental
2: physical 
(3: emotional)

But I definitely feel like the 2 in conjunction 

Made 1 weird combo that made the 3rd
Short circuit here and there 

Of course this has added up to a perfect storm 
Of Chronic Fatigue like symptoms 


How’d ya know what I’ve been wanting forever 

You just know me so well

Thanks Universe 


Now the number of things 
That I feel or don’t feel 
Like doing 
Or whatever 
Mount up

I’m not making good choices 
Because I can’t concentrate 
Unless I’m working 
Because work has clear boundaries 
It’s regimented
It’s so relaxing 

It is the saving grace

The 1 saving grace

The rest is like 1 of those sci-fi movies 

Where the person 
Who can pick up on all the cacophony 
Of the subconscious realm 
all of a sudden 
Can here all of the thoughts 
From all of the people 
And all of the happenings
All at once

1,000,000s of things 

That’s me

And when I sleep at night
My dreams are like one of those
Robert Altman films
Where you scan the room 
And all of the conversations 
Are happening all at once
And you can only pick out two words
Or 1 phrase

On top of that
Body aches that wake me
As I toss n turn

I’m waiting this thing out
Editing down
Things I would like to be doing 
1 by 1

Hoping I’ll be able to dig out
1 step at a time
Throwing everything I know 
About healing
About life
About counting spoons
And respecting the truth in that

I’ve spent the last 10 months 


Now I will spend however long it takes

Pulling myself back up

1 fistful of metaphorical rope
At a time 

I hope you all have been doing well 
Enjoy all the fall blogs that are here 

I will see if there are more than 2 pics to share

Of this 1 fall

Make yours a great 1
Share if you can

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Catch Me Up If You Can August the 5th I Dare You!

Joebie Bologna! I miss Blogging!!!

What’s stopping me???

Getting picture-doodles onto the virtual pages has been

Well... a task and a half...

-purple hyacinth bean and coreopsis-
one lil vignette in the garden

it used to be so easy to import the fotos
from ye olde app for iPhone

and then the slow internet of living in the woods

and having a hand me down laptop...

these pics are curtesy of 
the whatever felt like loading in whatever order 
it wanted to put themselves in ...

better than nuthin i guess X-D

-princes pine in the fairy woods-

-my view this monday as i had time to bask in a pre fall cool day-
-organizing the porch and having my brunch-

-lovely secretary desk from the LeBlanc Legacy Collection-
-I've got er primed and silver coated-

-out o order, better than nuthin-
-brunch after putting together some Mr Beams-
2 on one channel
4 on a second channel 
ready for the hanging before the fall comes
y'never know when you'll have a dark night power outtage combo
and y'still hafta walk the dog...

spooky is fun, 
but not during bear looking for food before hibernating season

right charli

i thought so too ;-)

lil kit was helping me put some new products out

his reaction when i told him how much it costs to restock


I'm totally obsessed with the coming of fall and the Halloween season

maybe you saw my copious amount of halloween or fall posts???

-priming drawer fronts and the arranging of the things-

-ghost pipes-

-tried out a new shop 'At Home'-

t'was expensive, but very resourceful 

-lil kit-

he loves some porch time...

so do i

in the next couple of weeks the cooler temps will persist

and i will insist

on sitting still for a few moments here and there

what are you up to?

made or made over anything lately...???

I've been posting here n there on my youtube 

cute pets and fun garden tours...

fall things are coming soon...

by the pricking of my thumb...

yadda yadda yadda...


below are listed all the countries
that visited this week! 

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             thanks for stopping by!

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                come back n see me again!

                                                              see how awful the picture order is later.....???

                                                                                            fascinated by flaws?

we got em lol


don't forget


kk on your bike
back teh y'real life 
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Monday, May 27, 2019

Yarding 2019 The Plants Will Save Us ALL!!!

tis the end of the may times
and the yarding is in fulllllllllllllll swing

I am starting this season a lil depleted from building stresses and low vitamin D
y'girl has been havin the nightmares
supplements have been helping
but only time can cure these impending stress storms

it has been my blow off steam and keep busy thing
to get out to the planty stores 
and buy as many as can fit in m'caaaarrrrrrr

and of course we've been trying to settle up the karmic debt 
that is our marble chips along the foundation project
going on year four
hey, they are heavy & sometimes y'just wanna do something else with your life

Using the whiskey barrels to plant something pretty on the ridge
you just know I had to get my hands on a hinoki cypress!
I will have some fun footage of these finished on my youtube channel

the big ole plain wall in the back is now looking mighty cozy

ppl giving away free plants
just come dig it out!

see how plain that wall was...

so plain

our large fire pit area as I added our Hosta Extravaganza!

oh hey heres that pic that inspired the hinoki cypress containers...

these pics are horribly out of order
like stop reading right now & unfollow
I'm the worst
or the least motivated
you decide

Tiny Gnomey action
i need as much of this as i can pack into my life 
right now

pack all the plants into the car
fold down the seats baby
stack it
all the plants

see even pinterest knows
omg where is this going

I'm going to do a house plant tour soon
then you will see all of the planty babies
and the fact that they are all still alive
go figure
i have already done a house plant haul video
as the plant collecting started
why not click here or up there ^^ to watch it...

just take it in tho
green and silvery
and lemony limey
bloomin brilliant

this is the last pic that the internet mechanical realm let me upload...

so I guess its the end of this episode of yarding
Bitch Make Your Own Yard 

what do y'all do to quell your anxieties
have any hobbies like gardening?

leave em in the comments
don't forget to stalk me on the social medias
and go subscribe to my youtube for much more
frequent and entertaining (guaranteed!!!lol) posts

who doesnt like a good video these days

heres to a happy June times to come

yay Gemini Season!!!

whoo hoooooooooooooo~



Wednesday, March 13, 2019


theres like this thing

its called spring

i have no idea where it is

we are just about at mid march 

we are still cuddling up for warmth

puny wee sun

ran out of wood

hoping to see green things in the next 6 weeks

i look at artsy images of the woods in winter

maybe this beauty will help perspective 

spring hall from the family dollar and cvs

cc cream and hand cream bc winter


cadbury chocolate

bc winter

lanterns bc

well bc lanterns 

doritos bc husband



cardinal in the azalea 

waiting his turn at the feeder



had a power outage 

bc wind

thank goodness i have a fetish for battery lights

books under the bed frame

supports are broken

what happens to ill made frames

you should be able to move a bed around

without them bending out and falling off...

I'm looking at you pottery barn lol

it was all worth it for the arrival of...

a new mattress!

yay, show you a pic...

no, my computer refused to relay it to the internet

so it must be not good enough

what a snob lol

i have been breaking in the new snug

used to be just an office, now its 


been studying shag haircuts

ppl are getting bored with their old locks


one must be prepared



I'm running as fast as i can from my computer now

i hope you kinda enjoyed the few pix i could load...


mercury in retrograde like a MF

so mad lol




i guess i did

what about you?

please tell me someone else has had better luck

or at least you're going thru the same thing