Monday, May 27, 2019

Yarding 2019 The Plants Will Save Us ALL!!!

tis the end of the may times
and the yarding is in fulllllllllllllll swing

I am starting this season a lil depleted from building stresses and low vitamin D
y'girl has been havin the nightmares
supplements have been helping
but only time can cure these impending stress storms

it has been my blow off steam and keep busy thing
to get out to the planty stores 
and buy as many as can fit in m'caaaarrrrrrr

and of course we've been trying to settle up the karmic debt 
that is our marble chips along the foundation project
going on year four
hey, they are heavy & sometimes y'just wanna do something else with your life

Using the whiskey barrels to plant something pretty on the ridge
you just know I had to get my hands on a hinoki cypress!
I will have some fun footage of these finished on my youtube channel

the big ole plain wall in the back is now looking mighty cozy

ppl giving away free plants
just come dig it out!

see how plain that wall was...

so plain

our large fire pit area as I added our Hosta Extravaganza!

oh hey heres that pic that inspired the hinoki cypress containers...

these pics are horribly out of order
like stop reading right now & unfollow
I'm the worst
or the least motivated
you decide

Tiny Gnomey action
i need as much of this as i can pack into my life 
right now

pack all the plants into the car
fold down the seats baby
stack it
all the plants

see even pinterest knows
omg where is this going

I'm going to do a house plant tour soon
then you will see all of the planty babies
and the fact that they are all still alive
go figure
i have already done a house plant haul video
as the plant collecting started
why not click here or up there ^^ to watch it...

just take it in tho
green and silvery
and lemony limey
bloomin brilliant

this is the last pic that the internet mechanical realm let me upload...

so I guess its the end of this episode of yarding
Bitch Make Your Own Yard 

what do y'all do to quell your anxieties
have any hobbies like gardening?

leave em in the comments
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who doesnt like a good video these days

heres to a happy June times to come

yay Gemini Season!!!

whoo hoooooooooooooo~