Monday, January 27, 2020

I Posted More On YouTube

Dear Internet Friends,

Im recounting the times I thought about Blogging...

and didn't

I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing about the slow internet of the woods

which isn't an issue now...

sometimes we forget about the possibilities it affords

spending 4years waiting on modern speeds for uploads and downloads...

but now we can just forget that that existence ever was...

we spent a lot of time dreaming of these days

and now they are here!!!

of course I am still trying to keep up with documenting all the creative moments

sometimes the pics don't want to make it up still

getting lost somewhere along the way...

its almost as though a decade old computer just isn't actually able to keep up...


maybe I need more than a hand-me-down to make things easier...


what do you all like using?

do you like splurging on electronics

or do you like sticking to your budget?

do you guys keep blogging away or have you liked the youtubes for fun?

I got into such a rhythm of posting videos that I totally thought I had posted a blog here

of our sitting room xmas tree...

but no... it was on the youtube...


after this week of finishing up the taxes and putting away xmas...

I should be back on track with monday make a blog tuesday post a blog schedule!


I have a project or two that I'm really looking forward to this year...

garden stuff

terra forming

I'd like to do a House Plant tour and show what our new dining room looks like...


and I hope to Steal Some Moments HARDCORE this year!

more meditation
more walks
more hammock moments
more painting
more FUN!!!

and as usual I will MAKE SOMETHING!!!!!!!

happy new year everybody and enjoy till I type with you next


find funny stuff on the social media...

stalk me cuz I hate pasting all the links lol