Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lazy Bitch's Three Bean Chili!

Quick, easy, THREE BEAN CHILI!

Get yourself some:

One can medium, one can spicy of Amy's Organic Chili (veg/GF).

Three cans of beans! 
One garbanzo, one kidney, one black!

One jar of SALSA!
My go-to is Green Mountain Gringo Medium, although here I used mild...

Get yourself a big azz bowl!!!

Strain/rinse yer beans.... Put em in d'bowl!

Get the salsa in on that action! 

Mix iiiiiiiiitttttttttt!


Put a lid on it!

It may taste better if a silhouette of a kitteh mystically gazing out a window is in the distance... ;-P

Store in the fridge to provide a protein packed comforty meal on demand!

5-8 servings, depending on how starved you are! 

Nuke it! Add cheese! Add chips! Add KALE! Or your fave salad greens! 


This works great in the Crockpot if you need to feed the many! 

Get it going quick: set on high for 2hrs.
Take it slow: set on low for 6hrs or more.............

Now get your lazy azz in the kitchen and MAKE SOMETHING!!!


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