Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Research & Development for Thanksgiving

Oh my goodness there's so much to do!

Next week is Thanksgiving! 

We are gathering up ALL the family...

We have to figure out where to put em!

I like to push & pull furniture around to see how many seats we can fit...

What I like to call a Living Sketch 

I start on paper...

Get your mesuring tape out!

Smoosh two tables together...

Use some charger plates to judge distance...

Mull it over with help from the Charli Dog...

Then dismantle it! 

It will be an easy conversion to Company Ready the night before!

Guess work is all done!!!!

Now to work on a few recipes for cocktails & savory dishes!!!!

^^buzzfeed & Pinterest^^

Fambly & Noms!

A labor of LOVE!

Make your Sketches now...

So it's not Sketchy later!

Make some NOMS!

Make some Family Time!

Make Something!!!


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