Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DIY Denim Vest


Get in your closet...

Find the pile of Jean Jackets you've been hoarding...

I know, they put out a New Color Wash or Cut every year, & you Love Updating your Look!

Now you must Choose!


Trust Me! You Won't Regret it!!!

I left a lil bit of Edge to Fray out...

If you like a cleaner edge you will want to get as close to the connection seam as possible! ;-)

My Tool for Fraying a Cat Brush.

No Kidding, it Kicks Azzzzzz!

Get my Target all lined up...


Rub the Brush Back n Forth, Up n Down, Round, Diagonal & WHAM!!!

You Can Trim Back the Length if you want, or Bask in all its Distressed Denim Glory!!!

Lookit! Happy/Awesome things happen when you wear such fun Denim Vests!!!

Don't forget you can Take this to whatever level you like...

Keep it Simple or Distress it Further, Splash it with Bleach or Paint, Add Patches, Bling it out with Studs or Pins or Broaches!

So Many Style Options!


*from the Pinterest

I Seriously think I will be wearing this Non-Stop this summer!

Its like you have the Super Power to give any Summer Outfit an INSTANT UPGRADE!



Your Summer Wardrobe is about to EXPLODE WITH POSSIBILITIES!!!

Get out Your Old Jean Jacket!

Get out Your Scissors!

Make Those Sleeves HISTORY!!!

MAKE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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