Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Make Your Own Travel Meditation Kit! O~M~Shanti!

Get outta town!

No Really... 

If your headed out on Holiday, Vacation, Wanderlust Vision Quest, etc...

Don't leave Your Practice behind!!!

It took you this long to get used to sitting still...

Y'wanna wreck all that progress...? I didn't think so.

Take it with you!

Hello! Easy Peasy!

Here's how I Put together my "NamaStay~or~Go" Kit ;-D

I dug out this old shabby jewelry box that I have had, gutted (in the past), & am now sizing up to see what can/will fit inside it.

I knew there was a reason why I saved all those old containers & tins...

I found some fun pics, inspirations, and quotes that felt right up my Meditation Alley!
*Thank you Pinterest! <3

I printed out the pics, & started fitting (shoving) them into the box top & bottom.

Here's where you get out your Hot Glue Gun!  Wo0t! 

In Retrospect I would have probably enjoyed the process more if I used really thin Glue Dots.

Less Hot, More Time to Place without worrying how fast it hardens... and the sequins I used for the borders here warped with the heat... not a bad effect tho... makes them look like metal, not plastic.

Close up... I think this suits me just fine :-)

Shabby Gypsy = Happy!!!

With everything in its place...

Now to Make things Pretty!

I had a bunch more inspo pics that I stuck in a grid.

I cut 'em to fit & wrap around, and took some plain old clear packing tape to stick 'em on & Boom!

I could have used a decoupage medium to stick & seal them...

But who has time to wait for it to dry??? ;-)

My Incense & Tea Lites are safe & sound in these cases!

Each box of Incense holds 30! I could burn 4 at a time & have 30 meditation sessions!!!

The Tin with Tea-Lites holds 11, and there's one Tea-Lite in the holder...

12 Tea-Lite Candles 4hr burn time = 48hrs of Ommmmmmmm!

If I sit for 30mins at a time that's 96 sessions!

Twice a day, yup, 48 days! Sweet!!! 

11 Candles!!!!

Don't forget the Crystals

Sometimes these pretty lil Rocks are just that...


If your into that stuff or not, Meditation is good for you! So Do it!

Anyway, I put a Bear on the Lighter that will be traveling in this kit with a lil inspo pic and packing tape! YaY!

Why Not! ;-)

Comin along well so far...

One of my Favorite things!!!

If you need to calm down, & its not always easy to do...

Rescue Remedy is your new BFF!!! 

The spray is my go-to, 2 spritz under the tongue, no side effects, won't make you tired or wired. 

Just mellow.



THIS IS IT! In Action!!!

I snuck in a Tin of White Sage Leaves which I NEVER go without in or out of the home!

It's touted as a Spiritual Cleanser, I use it to clean the air & it smells nice ;-)

I like it loose & not in bundles bc it's easier to light, let smoke, and make sure it's all out & finished burning.

You are Playing with Flammable Materials here ppl!

Best policy is when disposing of ashes make sure they are totally finished burning, wet them if you have to. Dry off Kit Components, & put them back in the box. Safe & Sound!

Never Leave Lit Incense or Candles or Sage Unattended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty lights..... Ommmmmmmm..... Relaxing....

Even if you're just camping in the living room...

NamaSTAY or GO!

#StealYourMoments !!!

Put on some Madonna Om Shanti

Make a Meditation Kit,




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