Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gypsy Tent Porch Makeover

Nice weather = wanting to be OUTSIDE!

But there are bugs...

And living in close proximity to others = not a lot of privacy.... :-(

One lovely afternoon while having an icy drink on the porch with my Hubby, it hit us! The layout of furniture seemed so obvious to rearrange, & the big addition would NEED to be a mosquito net!!!

Here's a before-ish pic: after we had put the furniture in place.

One step closer to COZY! And bug free ;-)

I grabbed up all the sheer curtains I had (5), some twine, safety pins, & a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a mosquito net (traditionally for a bed) the kind that will form a box shape when hung.

It's super easy to screw in the hooks it comes with...

I hadn't even finished yet, it was so inviting, I grabbed my drink, & guitar, & began the contemplation process for the rest of the design....

I took this old brassy chandelier that I had rescued from a junk pile ages ago, it was just waiting for a spray paint job, & some lights! And....

BOOM! We ran an extension cord out to the porch, & hung it all from a heavy duty plant hook. The mosquito net has a nifty split in the fabric on the top panel ( like they knew I would need it...)

We un-screwed some of the bulbs to give a more romantic feel at night...

I then added sheer curtains to soften the light that comes thru, & add privacy. 

I used twine tied to a large safety pin to string thru the pockets of the sheers & hung them on the hooks that hold up the netting... 

It's been the favorite place to sit & enjoy summer so far :-)

Stick with stars had to embellish the opening ;-) 

Textures, fabrics, pillows, candles, sticks, rocks, flowers, and some feathers make the perfect bohemian hangout. 

Get Outside & MAKE SOMETHING! 


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