Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bitch, Make Your Own Wedding: The Rings!

You just got ENGAGED!!! 


Styling your wedding rings should be fun & inspiring! 

You are going to be wearing them everyday after all ;-D

Here's my process, hope it helps get clarity with some of your ideas & style cravings!

LOVE your ring!  (*Pant*Pant* yes'm I do!)

OneGarnetGirl on Etsy made my White Topaz with Recycled Rose Gold band in a Brushed Finish for a Matte look.... ️Hubba Hubba!!!

We started thinking of what our wedding bands would look like, 
and I was craving sumpthin a lil stackish!

A special order: from Etsy again, can't find the link tho... 
A pair of blackened silver chevron arrows to flank my sparkler! 

It's a start...

Until we finally got to wear these babies!

We had a small custom jeweler make these Rose Gold Bands for us in a Brushed Finish to match.

Staying local for the Wedding Bands helped us keep within our Micro Budget. 

The Blackened finish slowly faded on my chevrons as expected... ;-)
Omg That was our BIG DAY!!!! 

I kept it simple at first, getting used to the feel of the thickness of the wedding band. 
Silver spacer I made from a piece from another ring...

I took this ring that I never wore... It was a bit pinchy...

Leathah Man to the rescue! Snip snip....

Easy Peasy!
Hammered & filed the edges so it would fit just under the lip of my engagement ring.

Happy lil spacer ring in Italian Sterling Silver, it has a Sandblasted Finish, giving it a pebbley look.

Now I can easily wear the remnants of the old pinchy ring! YaY!

Added the silver chevrons, grouped at one end...
What am I doing in this picture.... ? lol 

Took away the chevrons, and added a faceted silver band...


Chevrons are BACK! Phew! I missed them...

BOOM! My fave! Chevs, & Facets, & Bands, OH MY! 
Loving the mix of metals, warm, cool, warm, cool!!!

I've found for my own comfort, having each stackable band a lil on the big side, so that if/when my hands may get puffy & tired, etc... they will still flex & bend with me & can be removed easily ;-)

Having a rockin Ring is sometimes just the beginning of the creative jewelry process that you have the opportunity to explore!

If you're like me, perfection lies in the possibilities.

The evolution of your look can happen at any time! 

Add some, take one away, switch it up and PLAY! 


Make wearing an Engagement Ring FUN! 

Make your Sparkler less Lonely!

Make a Ring Party!!!



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  1. The final picture is my favorite look too...I love stacked rings! The faceted silver band adds a bit of texture that really makes it special and vintage looking. Thanks for the inspired ideas!