Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bitch, Make Your Own Wedding: Table Tops


No brainer, right!

You eat salsa, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, PICKLES! 

Don't put em in the recycling, set em aside in boxes, bags, bins...

They can hold Props, Favors, Photos, Candles, Utensils, Flowers & Vegetation of all types!

^^Pinterest/Etsy^^ See! How cute is that!!!

You can even serve drinks in them!!!!! 

These buggars are indispensable!!!

My inspiration was Rustic-Bohohemian... 

What? No Way! LoL

^^pics like these on Pinterest, made me drool! 

So I got to work!

We saved jars/bottles & vases for **no kidding**... A year & a half! 

Yes, really.

We had a SUPER tight budget... (I believe the fashionable term is "Micro-Budget")

And we would be having a reception for a possible 200 ppl... 

That's a lot of table space to dress....  

Get em clean & label free by soaking in warm soapy, or diluted bleachy water. Hubby did this step for us soaking & scrubbing off hundreds of jar labels from our tub...He's such a trooper! :-)

^^ that's just one batch!

I set up a lil assembly line. 

Doilies, glue dots, twine... 

Spray paint, lace, glitter tape...

Pebbles, tea lites.... OMG!

Tried em out!

Some of my designs didn't make it to the tables...

I set up a few table-tops to see what I liked...

As the winter before our spring wedding dragged on...

We began to crave bright colors in the table scape ideas...

Which begat these inspiration pics...

I opted to keep the design cohesive by using the most similar shapes in jars & vases ;-)

Colors a-Poppin! 

Gathered my Blooms from...

Trader Joes & local Grocery Store (Big Y) TWO DAYS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!
(to let tight blooms open up n get Fluffy!) ;-) <-- wink indicates Pro-Tip

I snipped the stems & used the flower food packets they came with...

I also changed their water once a day! ;-)

Don't forget to ask for help when setting up! It is VERY TIME CONSUMING!

REMEMBER: Just because you are DIY-ing it...

Doesn't mean you have to DO IT *ALL* YOURSELF! 

This is a Great way to bond with Friends and Family!

Get em on the tables!

Light em up!
Flower crown favor... ;-)

Wood Slices...

Our table...

W/Headboard Bench from Dads Handyness :-)

To sum up...

My Inspo...

After ~ Sweat Equity Baby! 

W/the help of:

Lots n Lots of Candles, Flowers, Fabric, DIY Rag Chandeliers ;-)

FAMILY & FRIEND HELP with Set Up! (1.5days worth!)

!!!We couldn't have done it w/o you!!!


"Micro Budget" Breakdown:
Pavilion ~ $150 to rent it on a Saturday (w/their letting us set up for 8hrs on the day before!)
Fabric ~ $40 to supplement what we already had at Salvation Army 
Jars ~ essentially FREE!
Tea Lights ~ D'Light Online 7hr burn tea lights $12.50/100ct we ordered 2
Pebbles ~ Home Depot $25 I still have plenty left!
Twine ~ Michaels $13
Doilies ~ Grocery Store (Market Basket) $4 on sale!
Flowers ~ $100
Wood Slices ~ Nature & Dad

Decked out Table Tops for our Reception for under $350!

It's only been 7 months since it all went down...
And it already seems like a distant & faded memory...

We Made some AWESOME Memories...

We Made the Most of our Time, Resources, & Money!

We Made some Great Table Scapes!

I sincerely hope that this helps some of you plan w/your "Micro Budget"...

And it Inspires you to MAKE SOMETHING!!!


Stay Tuned for More Wedding Makes in My "Bitch, Make Your Own Wedding" Series!

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