Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tea For All!

A few weeks back I was getting extremely weather affected...

Winter 2015 in the Northeast has been long & hard.

I took to drinking coffee for my daily energy supply...

If only things could be so simple in their solutions...

Heartburn, jitters, anxiousness... ugh. 

Time to Switch to TEA!

*from my instagram* @jenursa
I was excited to see so many other ppl drinking their daily cuppas just like me.
It helps to find connections in things.
A connection a day keeps the depressions away! 

And So...
Last week while basking in my luv of Tea, I decided to re-arrange our Drink Cart that we had thrown together at Thanksgiving so that it could be ready for Spring, and the continuing Tea for All ;-)

I take reference pics as I go, so my eye can scan for the problem areas.
Wherever my eye stops, I have to consider the flow of whats going on.

Tea goes in the cubby! There are some fall-winter faves still in there...
Not ready to put them away yet! So Gingery & Cinnamony!!!

The Glasses & Mugs are under now...
When they were inside the cubby they rattled every time someone walked thru the kitchen...
And it looks nice... Two birds, one stone....

Mega amounts of extra coffee and cocoa are hidden in the cubbard!

From above there are the Openers....  All the Openers....

Hubby Rocked this BMIY yesterday, screwing in the Vintage Bottle Opener he got as a Wedding Gift last year & Lovely Cap Catcher Magnet I got him at Xmas to catch the caps ;-)

Extra Teas, and the ones that need their boxes bc they don't have the lux envelope & string/tag going for them.... We feel bad for these Teas. Sad Teas... lol.

#BREAKFASTCLUB30 it is March 10th after all... *todays Tea is Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings....

The finished look, complete with Pizza box next to it...
Yes we are real ppl, who live in a real house....  lol obvis...X-D

Functional For Now or FFN, is one of my go to phrases.
If I waited around with an All or Nothing Attitude, NOTHING would EVER get STARTED!!!
So, Drop those Absolutes from your Vocab! You'll see that Disappointment also Drops & Falls Away when you do this. 

There's Always going to be something that gets in the way of smooth transitions in life, in design, etc... Relax, have fun. Go with it!

Make Some Tea,

Make a Functional Arrangement,



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