Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rose Quartz Nail Polish

Feeling Rosey? 

Here's an Idea! 

Make your Manicure look like Rose Quartz!!!

Step one Get Inspired! 

I found this baby at our local Flea Market ;-D

Then round up some Supplies!

My Fave! Protein Base Coat by Essie! 

This baby helps hold polish on my nails like nothing else!!!

It even looks amazing all by itself! 

Especially helpful when my nails have a bit of yellowing from wearing polish so often...

More Essie! From the Cashmere Matte Collection Spring '15.

"Just Stitched"
It has a great consistency, satin finish, with a bit of super fine blue/green holo-glitter in it.

Perfect for the depth of tone we need for the Rose Quartz Glow!

I used two coats.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy! This Glittah is so slice-o-mica-y!!!

More than perfect for that Crystal look!!!

Moon Candy's other half. A very nice med grey, covers in one coat, no kidding!

My Favorite Top Coat! It is a great consistency, not to runny, not too sticky, & it does dry really fast. Its also thin enough that when I add another layer to keep it from chipping a couple days in it never feels like its too chunky ;-)

After Top Coat! Dry Drops!!! These work so well to speed up drying I won't go without them!
EVAAAAAAARRRRRRRR! Anything to make a Manicure Dent Proof!

Not Too Shabby!

Rose Quartz is supposed to make you feel Loved & help your Heart Chakra.

Can't argue with that! Sounds Fab if you ask me...

Mr Mars says, "Are you done yet? This is silly."


Get out some Polish!

Make a Manicure!



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