Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bitch, Make Your Own Wedding: Dressing The Groom!

Last Year on this very day I Married the Love of My Life.

While Planning our Rustic Bohemian Micro Budgeted Wedding we had to Trouble Shoot His Outfit.

Here's how we did it!!!

I took to Pinterest, of Course!

We also used our inspo pics to help guide our guests to understand how casual "casual" attire was in our eyes. 

It was fun thinking that everyone could feel a part of the theme this way with a good visual guide.

Our Ceremony Location, very Rustic, helped us imagine our outfits with the chosen backdrop.

As we got closer, the forecast definitely focused the level of layers that we would need to be comfy during the Ceremony.

Making a Picture Sketch really helped!

Each change up in the combos documented & logged!

We went thru and swiped back and forth for what we thought looked nicest with our theme & suited his body type best.

Our Charli Dog helped too, lol.

We helped our friend Scott who would be our officiant get his outfit together too. YaY Rustic Bohemian!

I gave him a spiff up a few days prior!

Then back to Pinterest for the boutonniere... 

Feathers n stuff! Hubba Hubba!!!

So I Made Some! awwwwww.... Click here to see how I did it!

JUST MARRIED!!! Charli our Flower Girl!

So Excited then, so excited now!

One Year Ago...

Time flies

& I'd do it all over again!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Make your way onto Pinterest,

Make your man Try On Some Clothes,

Make a Picture Sketch!!!



Staying within our Micro Budget was not difficult, it just took more planning ;-)
Both of our outfits were completed with under $200 spent!

HI-5! <3

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