Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Porch Time! DIY Curtains from Sheets!

The First Day Of Spring Is This Friday!!!!

I am very excited to get back outside for lounging especially!

Having a Porch on the Front & Back of the House is Awesome!

Make the Most of these Spaces, if you have a Porch, Patio, Deck, GET TO IT!

This is was what I did to our Front Porch last Summer: 

So Cozy, & inviting.

Perfect for sunning those knees, or sipping Iced Tea!

This is the Dreaded Before. I was using it mainly to house some odds & ends, & it was Mega Handy to set up for all the Spray Painting I was doing last year....  Where to do it this year... hmmmm...
That's a Good Question.

Tools: Kilt Pin, Scissors, Twine! And...

Flat Sheet! Twin don't cut in half length wise, but Queen or King, cut that Bitch!
Best part is when you wash these, they will have a lovely raw edge boho fringe on one side!

Cut a 1" hole in the top fold. This becomes your Pocket for Stringing & Hanging!

Since this Big Sheet has been cut in half one end of the fold is open. Tie some Twine on that Kilt Pin & String it THRU!

I Doubled up on the Twine because I know that Porch gets "Breezy".

I kept the panels separate from each other, using one doubled up length of Twine per piece, in case one needed to come down or get replaced, etc...

Tidied up & ready for Curtains. You can see how the Porch Ledge seems impossible to ignore.

This end is ready too! Hey, is that my finger in the shot? lol

Quick fix last year on these old weather beaten cushions in the form of a couple of table cloths.

Start Hangin! I used Large Brass Eye Hook Screws on the top edge of the ledge ;-)

You can see the Seat Cushions covered w/Table Cloths.

OOOOOOO...... Looking Good!

My lil Spray Painting Area. Recognize that Storage Piece as our Drink Cart.


That Ledge isn't so in-yo-face as before!!! Wicked!

I used the same Eye Hook Screws under the Bottom edge of the ledge as well to try to hold the curtains in so they wouldn't blow over the edge in a storm. It worked perfectly until about November, and the curtains were being blown up & out far enough to Make it all the way onto the roof of the porch. Soaking wet & dirty, YUCK, I pulled it down and Scowled. Let them dry & took them down, laundered them & packed them away until... SOON! I will get out there & string them all back up again! YaY!!!

Poor Porch. I know We've been thru a lot this Winter of 2015. Hold on just a few more Weeks!

Our Gypsy Porch Fared much better. She will get a Spruce Soon as well!

Ahhhh... Memories...  I will Recreate you to my best abilities! 
And with a few Tweaks here & there I hope to GO FURTHER! 
I'm Definitely thinking of more Plant Life, and some incense. 

I know some of you live in places that have nicer weather, so...

Get Out There!

Get Some Old Sheets, Some Iced Drinks, Some Tunes, A Book/Project/Painting Supplies/FRIENDS!

Get 'Em Strung!

Make Some Porch Time!



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Happy St. Patty's Day!


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