Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gypsy Porch Makeover 2015

You know I love my Porches!

And the Spring Fever has a Strong Hold on me...

I had no choice but to kick it into high gear & get our back porch ready for the warmer weather!


Here's what it looks like... just about finished...

Last years incarnation...

This was before it became the Gypsy Tent.

Earlier this month I started to clean the winter dust away & wash all the fabrics.
I did not care that it was only 40 degrees, I was going to have my breakfast out on the Gypsy Porch!

I stripped it down & sketched out an arrangement to make a sectional type of bench arrangement.

A cushion from Home Goods for the trunk turned bench.
Covered with fabric, then a fringed blanket, then a fake sheepskin rug from Ikea.
Layering is key if you are doing the Gypsy Bohemian thing ;-)

Luckily the trunk with cushion comes up to the same height as the ottoman next to it...
I sort of eyeballed it, in my kamikaze way...

Mr Mars approves.

The Outdoor Rug is from Ocean State Job Lots.
It slides around a little, but that will be an easy fix with a rug pad or carpet tape.

We have the arrangement, the lighting, the cushions, & pillow covers.
We even have the rug...
One thing is still missing...
In that corner...
My idea was a plant stand, narrow, tall, & sturdy...

Good thing the next day was the opening day for the flea market,

Lucky Find! Three levels, made of Brass, & just the right size!

Incense, Himalayan Salt Tea Light, Some White Sage Tips for Clearing the Energy, & a tiny Brass Acorn & Amethyst Crystal.

ONLY GOOD VIBES allowed in this Gypsy Tent!

I placed one of my tiny stools in the space as well to give a place to rest your tea :-)

At the far end of the Porch I needed a Mantra to ensure that ONLY GOOD VIBES exist on this porch. The Feather concept, easy, I have been obsessed for a while...

I sketched it while on the porch, then thought about what it meant...

I remembered the song "Like a Feather" by Nikka Costa.
The lyric "And when I set it free like a feather it will be", so... "Set it Free".

Feels more compassionate than Let it Go... ;-)

To help Set it Free...
First try making Sangria... Went over well, thank you Pinterest!

I love how packed our fridge looks! We love beverages!!!

Many moments will be stolen on this porch during the good weather this year, I can promise you that!

Make your outdoor seating happen,

Make it a GOOD VIBES ONLY area!

Relax, Set it Free!

Most important... MAKE SOMETHING!!!


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